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Monday, July 30, 2012

Generating Green Electricity Through Biosphere Technology

The human population continues to rapidly grow. And as the number of people increase, so does the need for resources, one of which is electricity. While the need for electricity increases, the supply decreases as the available resources for electric power generation are being depleted. Studies show that if no new sources of electricity are found, the world will experience scarcity in a few decades. This is why today, concerned countries headed by the United Nations are calling for the research, development, and use of sustainable energy.

Sustainable energy advocates the use of renewable energy so that each generation will leave enough resources to sustain the need of the next one. Plant matter, solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power and tidal power are the most common sources of renewable energy. Another characteristic of sustainability is that it does not pollute the environment thus earning it the alias of green energy.

The latest and considered most revolutionary form of green energy is the Biosphere Technology, which converts common wastes into green electricity. A Biosphere Machine breaks down wastes into their basic molecular components and heats them up until they are capable of generating electrical power. In situations when there is not enough waste, Biosphere Flakes can be used to power the Biosphere Machines.

The use of Biosphere Technology uses gasification technology in a unique way that can effectively cut power costs up to 70-90%, not to mention that it also eliminates the need for almost all waste disposal costs as most garbage will be utilized to fuel the Biosphere Machines.

The UN has already recognized hundreds of biosphere facilities all of the world and hope that one day, biosphere technology will be the chief source of world electricity.

Biosphere technology is humanities biggest light of hope in saving Mother Earth, and ourselves in the process. Pollution has already brought countless plant and animal species to extinction; let us not wait for our species to be the next victim of our own actions.


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