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Monday, July 30, 2012

10 New Technology that Becomes the Target of Consumer

 Some or many companies there who deliberately conceal their latest products to be released in the future. Their intent may be to keep their new product could be a surprise to the public, or perhaps because of business competition.Well, since many technology companies are now secrecy is public now can not predict all the new gadgets that will be released.However, the public would look forward to new technological breakthroughs that the maximum future. Here are 10 Decent Technology Expected in 2012, as released on Page CNET:


1. Google Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean is the latest version of the Android operating system 4.1. The operating system is already circulating on the market in 2012.
2. iPad Mini
Is Apple going to make iPad 7 inches, some say yes, some say no. Especially with the success of Amazon Kindle Fire. All hope Apple will make the iPad with a small size. The iPad is estimated to costs $ 200.
3. Ultrabook affordable
Next year are advised to forget about the netbook is not powered. Ultrabook Netbook is the successor. For the price of this lightweight device is reasonable in 2011.
4. Generation MacBook Air post
Rumors about the generation after the MacBook Air Pros and the latest version and will probably be great with a size of 15 inches. Next year should be awaited, whether the MacBook Air will come up with a slimmer design.
5. Air Play Apple products are more affordable
Apple Air Play is a wireless streaming feature is available on Apple mobile devices. This feature allows users to stream audio and video over WiFi. With the exception of Apple TV and AirPort Express, airplay according to the products tend to be expensive with more banyak.Air Play speakers can cut prices up to U.S. $ 100 for some products. It is expected to materialize in 2012.
6. Fire Kindle 2
Kindle Fire is a major breakthrough, although not too good. However, you can imagine, Kindle Fire 2 will be preferred. Amazon may release a 20-inch tablet that is cheaper than the price iPad significantly. We'll wait.
7. iPhone 5
You may wait for a iPhone 5 throughout 2011. Now there is good news, the possibility of launching the iPhone 5 will be released in June or November. It remains uncertain, but the iPhone 5 will come with a new design and is able to support 4G networks.
8. Apple iTV
Rumors that Apple will enter the TV market in 2012 will be to change the game and become a leader in other markets. Everyone's waiting for the Apple gait.
9. Playstations Vita
Next generation handheld gaming device Sony is scheduled to attend in the United States on 22 February 2012 with the dual analog sticks, touch screens, and graphics to compete with the PS3 side. WiFi version priced at U.S. $ 249, while the version released with U.S. 3G WiFi $ 299.99 with extra 3G service plan. Meanwhile, many think Vita will have trouble, it also has the potential to become a much-needed blow for Sony, which in recent years less appropriate. 

10. Windows 8
Unity is the theme of Windows 8, as Microsoft is to bring Metro UI found on smartphones and the Xbox 360 to PC and tablet. Word is a beta that may be present immediately in February with the final product is ready for delivery to the PC in late autumn.


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